Milena Balza, Crochet Bikinis & October Updates

 Milena Balza wearing crochet bikini from Biquínidecrochê.com

During the month of October life has been so busy in our little hub here in Santos, that before I knew it we are in November!

This month I have had the beautiful Miss Rio Grande do Norte 2017 aka Miss Milena Balza wearing my Jessica Crochet Bikini as she suns herself on the beach. Read more. [...]

Santos On A Tilt

Santos Blog Biquinidecroche Photo Estevam Freitas

Photo by Estevam Freitas

Santos is a wonderful city to live in. Like Rio we are a city on the beach so we have the advantage of a bustling city and a 5.5k tropical beach. One of my luxuries of living in Santos is our daily walk along the beach. Each morning me, Pãozinha & Ebony walk along the gorgeous beach garden (the largest beach front garden in the world!) & soak up the sun before it gets a little too hot. Now if you’re not familiar with Santos, there is something you will quickly notice about the buildings when you look back from the beach. [...]

Free Crochet Bikini Pattern

Free Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de Croche Blog

 To celebrate the arrival of Spring down here in Brazil I have a gift for you!


 A step by step crochet bikini tutorial with photos to help you along the way.

If you are crochet hook savvy or you know someone with the crochet know how, make your own crochet bikini with this easy crochet pattern.

Step by step instructions & additional photos to help you along the way, this crochet swimsuit pattern is suitable for intermediate crocheters and beginners looking for a new challenge beyond the granny square.  

Strawberry Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de croche

 This fruity crochet bikini pattern can be made in what ever fruit suits your fancy: Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry or even Raspberry.

Pineapple Crochet Swimsuit Pattern biquinidecroche

 Or just make the top & wear as a crochet bralette with some cute shorts to a music festival.

Pineapple Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de croche

Choose your fruity colours & get hookin! Continue for tutorial here [...]

To buy or not to buy a crochet bikini?

 Too buy or not to buy a crochet bikini biquinidecroche

Back in June I read a blog post by Eric Smith at in which she writes her worries of buying a crochet bikini. I am guessing that many or you also have the same view, so today I am here to try & turn you into a crochet bikini convert. So you love the ‘idea’ of a crochet bikini but your not convinced it’s a practical swimsuit to use this summer? Think again!

Like everything else in the world times have changed and improvements have been made and crochet was not left behind. The quality of yarn, crochet hooks and techniques have also advanced along the way.

  • 'They are holey and grow in the water!'

I know when you think of crochet you think ‘holey’ clothing, therefore the bikini is going to show more than I want too! Sorry but I need to use some crochet terminology here guys, my bikinis are designed using a mix of single crochet & double crochet stitches (for the non-crocheter’s this is a small knot & a high knot) to make the design. I also use a small crochet hook to make these knots creating tighter knots, therefore smaller holes.


70sCrochet Bikinis Biquinidecroche Blog

Ok so we have all heard the horror story,

‘My aunt/mum had one in the 70’s. It was beautiful until she got in the water! The bikini got heavy like a wet nappy.’

I can promise you, since then there have been big changes:

  • Crochet yarn designed for swimwear has been created
  • My bikini as all finished off with a few rows of single crochet stitches (small knots) which ‘lock in’ the desired size preventing them from ‘growing’ in the water.
  • ‘But they are still hole-y!’

Each one of bikinis are lined with ‘bikini lining’ which is specially designed for swimwear. (This is the same fabric you get in your shop bought sportswear swim suits.) This prevents your crochet bikini from being too revealing and also helps retain the shape of your crochet swimwear while wet.

  • ‘Aren’t they itchy!’

Gone are the days of itchy wool or nylon yarn! My crochet bikinis are all made from fine yarn creating light, smooth and soft crochet swimwear. But beware: there are bikinis which look beautiful and are cheap because they are made using thick string. Yes, string not yarn! I’m talking about the same string you can buy in a stationary shop to tie up your parcels.

Crochet Bikinis Cotton yarn Biquinidecroche.jpg

I use two types of yarn for my crochet bikinis. I have a selection of bikinis made with 100% pure merchandised cotton. This means the yarn has been twisted as it is made, creating a cotton yarn which is soft, strong, and smooth.

Crochet Bikinis Brazilian yarn Biquinidecroche

I also have a new collection of crochet bikinis which are made using Brazilian summer yarn. This is an acrylic yarn which is designed to be used for summer clothing, especially swimwear, as it absorbs little water - therefore can get wet & will dry fast. It is a much finer yarn than the cotton and is baby soft against your skin.

  • ‘Crochet bikinis give you weird tan lines.’

If your worried that you will get a weird speckled tan line as crochet bikinis are holey, you need not worry with my crochet bikinis. As I said above each crochet item is lined with swimwear lining to prevent this from happening.

Crochet Monokini Biquinidecroch

But if you choose a beautiful crochet monokini like the Juliana above, I cannot guarantee this won’t happen. Just like any other monokini you would buy from anywhere else, you will develop a monokini tan line. But one things for sure you will look & feel drop dead gorgeous in this crochet swimsuit.

  • ‘Yikes they are expensive!’

Crochet is a skill which is done by hand. There are no machines which can imitate this skill (although there are some products which state ‘crochet’ but in actual fact these are made from machine lace).

Crochet Bikini in the making Roseanna Murray Biquini de Croche

The whole process of crochet is though creating stitches by hand. Every piece is made knot by knot which takes skill, time and knowledge. Therefore each crochet bikini is a bespoke piece of wearable art in its own right. The crochet aspect is just half of the work, then there is the time needed to cut & sew the lining, which is also finished by hand. Finally the ties and finishing touches are made and added to your crochet swimwear.

  • ‘Why do I have to baby care & wash my crochet bikini by hand?’


As your crochet bikini has been made from hand it is a delicate item of swimwear similar to your lingerie. Show the crochet swimwear and the artist who has lovingly created your item the respect and care it deserves: wash it by hand and you will be rewarded with a crochet swimsuit lasting your many summers and not just one.

  • ‘Crochet bikinis can only be used when you are in your 20’s’

This to me is a state of mind. I have been selling my crochet bikinis here in Brazil for a few years now, and a large portion of my sales are to ladies in their 40’s. And they look fabulous in a crochet bikini! Many of these ladies are returning customers who come back each season and order not just one but often 2-3 crochet bikinis at a time. If you want a crochet bikini don’t let age be a barrier.

Crochet bikinis for everyone Happy mother and daughter wearing Biquinidecroche

Mother & daughter wearing crochet items from Biquini de Crochê

If your worry is ‘I love the crochet bikini but it shows a little too much skin’ or ‘I’m a mum with delicious curves who needs more support in a bikini’, choose the bikini you love from my shop and contact me, and we can custom design a crochet bikini for your body - whether it be more support for your chest or more coverage on the bottom. Believe me, you will look and feel as fabulous as a girl in her 20’s in a crochet bikini.

  • ‘Crochet bikinis are so boho’

Yes, I agree.  When you think crochet bikini you think bohemian style. Layer a crochet bikini with tribal jewellery, wavy blond hair and - Bang! - you’re a free spirited bohemian goddess.

Well, here in Brazil blond is rare, so you don’t tend to find the typical American idea of boho style. Yet my customers choose to buy crochet bikinis and make it their own style.Crochet bikini are not boho biquinidecroche

I hope through reading this post I have answered many of your fears of owning a crochet bikini. And hopefully I have converted you to walk on the beach this summer in bespoke crochet bikini made just for you from Biquini de Crochê. If you still have any questions, please send me a message and I will do my best to answer your querie. Have a wonderful summer guys, Roseanna x



















Plant Lust & Crochet Bralettes

Plant Lustyellow Blog Biquinidecroche.jpg

This week the weather has started to change here in Santos with the sense of spring around the corner. Each week is getting warmer with glorious sun filled days, filling the beaches here with locals & second home owners, who are here while their children are on winter holidays from school. The warming of the season also brings to life my new found passion, plants! [...]

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