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Crochet | Children's Day Crochet Workshop

Bangalo Santos   Biquinidecroche blog

On National Children’s Day, here in Brazil, I took part in a local art event here in Santos and gave my first ever crochet workshop here in Brazil at the new art house Bangalô which has just opened around the corner. Read more [...]

New Year Wishes

Roseanna Murray   Crochet Artist   Biquuinidecroche.com

Happy New YEAR!!!

Please forgive me for being a few days late! It has been non stop festivities over the Christmas season. This has been my first real Christmas in Brazil since packing up & moving here 3 years ago. We shared the celebrations with new friends & family & for the first time I did not miss England. I feel like I have finally found my roots here, that we opened our doors to bring in the New Year with a BBQ - Brazilian style which was wonderful & ended up turning into a 3 day event. One of the best things Brazilians have mastered, is the art of the Churrasco & I can honestly say Mr.M is very good at it. So much so that I think we shall be on salads for the rest of January, as we have eaten our weight in meat!

2017 has been a wonderful year with my bikini empire beginning to grow as well our family. I would like to say a huge thank you to each of you who have supported me on my crochet endeavor during 2017 through buying one of my bikinis, or reading this blog, watching a video on my new Youtube channel, purchasing one of my crochet patterns, following me on Facebook, Instagram or pinning any of my photos on Pinterest. Each & every one of the actions has helped my tiny little dream to grow & I am eternally greatful for you support!


Now we are 2018 & my little pãozinha is growing more independence I will be able to devote more of my time to Biquínidecrochê & I have loads of projects to share with you over the next 12 months.


Santos On A Tilt

Santos Blog Biquinidecroche Photo Estevam Freitas

Photo by Estevam Freitas

Santos is a wonderful city to live in. Like Rio we are a city on the beach so we have the advantage of a bustling city and a 5.5k tropical beach. One of my luxuries of living in Santos is our daily walk along the beach. Each morning me, Pãozinha & Ebony walk along the gorgeous beach garden (the largest beach front garden in the world!) & soak up the sun before it gets a little too hot. Now if you’re not familiar with Santos, there is something you will quickly notice about the buildings when you look back from the beach. [...]

Brazil & Japan

Biquinidecroche Blog Festival do Japao


Living in Brazil the past 3 years has made me understand that this country is vast & is much more multicultural than you would think. Growing up on the otherside of the world in little old England, when we think of Brazil & we think Amazon, native tribes, they speak Spanish, carnival & samba! Ooo I was so wrong. Brazil is so much more. [...]

Crochet Bikinis & A Trip to the Zoo

Crochet Lace Bikini Valentina Biquinidecroche

This week I released two new bikini models! Below is the gorgeous bohemian Valentina crochet bikini, perfect for this summer with a halter top bikini which can be worn on or off the beach. Team her a cute pair of short jeans or a flowing chiffon skirt and you are ready for a evening out or a wild weekend at Coachella music festival. [...]

Photoshoot & Cake

Well this weekend was a hive of activity here in Santos, as I was busy with the photoshoot for the next collection of bikinis from Biquini de Croche. Here is a sneek peek at what is coming over the next few weeks.

  Crochet Bikini Blossom Biquini de Croch         Crochet Lace Bikini Valentina Biquinidecroche

  Crochet Bikini Tara Biquini De Croche            


We decided to join the festivities of Festa Junina & threw our own party with the help of our wonderful neighbours. This was Festa Junina at another level for me, as I got the chance to really experience the local culture and traditions at first hand. Everyone arrived bring a traditional dish associated with the season. Including a delicious huge pan of 'Caldo Verde' and fresh bread, mulled wine, peanut brittle, popcorn and a table full of cakes. To help with the food I spent the week testing recipes of 'Bolo de Fubá or Sweetcorn cake. I am happy and proud to say that I seemed to have passed the brazilian approval as I recieved many compliments for my cake from my guests. So today I would like to share this super easy recipe made in a blender! And is a perfect accompaniment with fresh coffee.


Bolo de Fubá com Goiabada

Sweetcorn cake with Guava


Ingredients                                                                                                       Equipment

  • 4 eggs (whites separated from yoke)                                                       Blender
  • 3 tb sp butter                                                                                             Measuring cup & Table spoon
  • 2 cups of sugar                                                                                          Sieve
  • 1 1/3 cup of milk                                                                                         Bundt Cake tin (although any will do)
  • 2 cups of flour                                                                                           
  • 1 cup of sweetcorn flour (this can be found in most Tesco stores in the world food section).
  • 1 cup of guava jelly in cubes
  • 2 tb sp of corn starch
  • 1 1/2 cups of guava sauce
  • 2 tb sp baking powder
  • Butter to grease your cake tin

 Bolo de Fuba

Turn the oven on at 180º C and grease your cake tin.

To begin with sieve the flour and sweetcorn flour together in a bowl and put aside.

In your blender add the egg white and blend. Without turning the power off slowly add an egg yoke at a time then your butter and sugar. Continue with the power on as your alternate adding the milk and the sieved mixture of flour and sweetcorn flour until well mixed. Switch off and add the baking power mixing with a spoon then pour the nixture into your cake tin.

Coat the guava cubes in corn starch before gently placing them on top your your cake mixture to prevent them from dropping to the bottom of the tin. Put in the oven and cook for 30-35 mins unil slightly browned & a knife comes out clean.

Let the cake cool. Once cooled turn out of the cake tin and pour over the guava sauce.

Now get your coffee ready and enjoy.









Festa Junina

Today it is a rainy day her in Santos, the season has definately changed as I can no longer walk barefoot around my home and sadly reach to the sock draw each morning. The coming of the cold also brings the celebration of Festo Junina. As a gringo in Brazil I had no idea about this festival, but in true Brazilian style it last a full month. People here love to celebrate & the longer they can make the celebration last, the better.

So Festo Juniho – June Festival is a celebration of 3 saints São Antonio (Saint Anthony), São João Batista (Saint John the Baptist) and São Pedro (Saint Peter). Every weekend there are various places celebrating in ‘rural country style’, the spaces are decorated with colourful bunting and traditional items associated with Brazilian country life. Many of the children arrive in ‘peasent clothing’ which to me is very similar to our summer uniform when I was at school. Gingham pinafore dress with matching bows to go in your hair, only this time they are in more garish colours & topped with what looks like a unfinished straw hat. People arrive at the festival to the welcoming sound of Brazilians country music – think American country music but with an Accordian. This one man band played along as we grabbed a table and decided what we were going to eat.

Fest Junina Decorations

There were many things on the menu which were very similar to what I would associate with a winter in England. There was Vinho Quente (Hot spiced wine - which is very similar to German Gluhwine), Caldo Verde (a traditional green soup which is made especially for this festival), Hot nuts which would be the equivalent of our Chestnuts, Chussasco (Brazilain BBQ) and sweet snakes of cakes, Popcorn and Pamonya. If you have ever been to Brazil you soon notice that there are many snacks with the main ingredient of sweetcorn. I can honestly say that the Brazilians have perfected the art of cooking sweetcorn, from sweet to savoury but this is for another post as I would love to share with you my new found delight of the humble sweetcorn through some fantastic Brazilian recipes.

caldo verde

Anyway back to the festival, so I decided to try something new and ordered a bowl of ‘Caldo Verde’. Filled with couve, potatoes (an English staple so this was gareented to be a winner with me) and Brazilian sausage Calabresa. Unexpectedly this soup soon warmed me up.

Festa Junina

We followed this by a plate of BBQ meats and sausage with a can of Garuná. If you come to Brazil you must try a can of Garuná, the Brazilian equivalent of Coke but soooo much better. Once we had polished this off me & Mr. S decided we could not leave without having a Pamonya.


Pamonyas are a beautiful sweetcorn dessert, which are wrapped like a gift in the leaves of the sweetcorn then steamed in a large pot. This is a truly delicious dessert which ended our time at the festival beautifully.





Summer Time

Hello and Happy New Year! Things have been very busy here at Biquini de Croche over the last month with the arrival of summer in Santos. The season has changed to glorious days of sunshine with afternoon summer rain, although this is more like monsoon rain as suddenly the sky turns black and the rain comes down in sheets. I must admit it is such a joy when the rain arrives as it helps cool you down in the high heat of 35+! The rain quickly passes and sunshine is restored once more to give you a beautiful sunset. This is one of the things I love about Brazil, you experience the powerful force of nature, unlike in Europe where seasons & weather change gradually that you don’t realize they are happening.

December was an exciting time for me as my bikinis were published in a new On-line magazine Revista TU

Biquinidecroche Turevista

We shoot the photos on the next island Guarujá in November, on a beautiful little beached called Sao Pedro which faces out to open sea.

Tu Revista Biquinidecroche pg1 2

Our model was the gorgeous Brazilian/Japanese Paula Sato. She modelled a small collection of my crochet bikinis for the magazine as well as my new Kiara crochet Tunic.

Tu Revista Biquinidecroche pg5 6

The Giovanna bikini modelled in pink by Paula is one of the original designs which started Biquini de Croche in 2015. The Giovanna bikini is crocheted with a delicate lace like edging and finished off with natural wooden beads. This bikini is perfect for everyone as it is made in the classic style of triangle bikini top and cheeky bum bikini bottoms.

To compliment Paula’s skin tone I created the Tanya which is a mix of dancing blues and whites inspired by the waves as they froth up against the shore.

Tu Revista Biquinidecroche pg9 10

Paula looks absolutely stunning in the Aphrodite bikini which is named after the Greek goodness of beauty. Designed to hug and accentuate your curves, the top is made with adjustable cleavage hugger ties while the ruched bottoms will ensure you are bootylicious as Paula demonstrates beautifully. In the Magazine as she is labelled as ‘Tu Gata’ which is slag in Brazilian Portuguese meaning she is very sexy.

Tu Revista Biquinidecroche pg11 12

To compliment the Aphrodite bikini Paula is wearing my new hooded Kiara crochet tunic which is perfect for all year round. Use it as beach cover or wear a classic tank top underneath and team it will some jeans and heels and your ready for the evening.

I am very pleased with the article and very greatful to the team at Revista Tu for choosing my brand to use in this seasons magazine. Take a look here to see the rest of my collection and read interesting articles about Brazil including interviews with local celebs, reviews on travel, restaurants and up and coming places to see here in Santos.

Tchau Tchau

P.S. I am working on the next free pattern which is a must have for summer!




First Steps


I am Roseanna the artist and designer behind Biquíni de Crochê. I am an English girl who now lives in Santos, Brazil with my husband, daughter and our lovely Romanian rescue doggy Ebony.

I am someone who loves to create with my hands whether it be crochet, sewing, gardening or cooking.

Through this blog I would like to create a space where I can share with you the wonderful world of crochet. You may think about crochet and the 70’s granny squares come to mind, but here I will take you ‘beyond the granny!’. Crochet is not just for blankets, we will discover together the versatility of crochet including crochet clothing, crochet for the home and various new forms being created today.

Biquinidecroche blog crochet in progress

Each month I will post a free crochet pattern of my own design, which will include step by step tutorials on how to crochet with demonstration photos and videos to help you along the way.

I hope to inspire you to join the crochet world whether it be your first time or to entice you to pick up your crochet hook once again.

I would also like to use this blog to share with you my life as a ‘Gringo’ living in Brazil, or ‘the English Girl’ as I am know on the Art Market. Here I will share with you my experiences of life in Santos, Brazilian food and drink and most of all the beauty and abundant nature of this wonderful country.

Biquinidecroche blog Santos

And of course finally, I will be posting up sneak previews and news of my latest crochet bikinis.

Biquinidecroche blog bikinis

I hope you will join me in this new online journey. If you would like some advice on crochet please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help. Or if you are also a fellow ‘gringo’ in brazil and would like to share your experiences, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by Roseanna.





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