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On National Children’s Day, here in Brazil, I took part in a local art event here in Santos and gave my first ever crochet workshop here in Brazil at the new art house Bangalô which has just opened around the corner. Read more

It was amazing to be part of an event once again, this is something I have missed since working together with both the wonderful Dagma Ehes and Janette Zeiger on Klosterberge Strassa in Magdeburg, Germany.

Artist Street of Magdeburg Knit and Crochet Expert Dagma Ehses, Glass Artist Janette Zieger and Crochet Arrtist Roseanna Murray

Here we are together when we did an Street Art Festival event a few years ago!

  I had the chance to work together with a vibrant mix of talented artists includin Eliége Ribeiro who creates traditional Brazilian Xilogravora, Ale Spinelle who paints beautiful watercolour illustrations,  the talented Lia Junqueira maker of gorgeous ceramics and the talented brand ‘Outro Cookie’ who makes the most devine cookies and brownies, aslwell as many many more talented people.Xilogravuras by Eleige Riberio Blog Biquinidecroche Roseanna Murray

Xilogravura by Eliége Ribeiro

Watercolour Illustrations by thhe talented Ale Spinelli in Santos Brazil

Watercolour Illustration by Ale Spinelli

Handmade Ceramics by talented Lia Junque in Santos Brazil

Handmade Ceramics by Lia Junqueira

Handmade Brownies  Cookies by Outro Cookie in Santos Brazil

Delicious Cookies by Outro Cookie

As part of this day I gave a free workshop to the lovely children who came to our event (despite the rain!). How to make their own crochet flower headband as shown below modelled by Pãozinha.

Oficinia de Croche com a artista Roseanna Murray Bangalô Santos

I was overwhelmed with how many children wanted to part of my little workshop, which included both girlies and boys who wanted to make a crochet flower tiara for their mums or sisters.

Free Easy Crochet Flower Headband Pattern crochet designer Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

Since my workshop was such a success I have also made my Easy Crochet Flower Headband into a Free Crochet Pattern for you! With both a written photo tutorial & Youtube video. Simply click here.

Crochet Artist Roseanna Murray Free Crochet Workshop for childrens day in Santos

Together with Bangalô 'Art House' we are now preparing for our next event on the 17th November for Black Awareness Day known as 'Dia da Consciência Negra'. More info coming this week!

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