Free Crochet Pattern | Crochet Flower Power

Free Easy Crochet Flower Pattern by crochet designer Roseanna Murray reduced

To celebrate 'Dia Consciência Negra' aka Black Awarness Day on the 20th November, I have created a new free crochet pattern. This multicoloured POWER crochet flower represents the unity of any race through the mix of three different colours & the belief of equality created with the simple formations of knots from the crochet hook which symbolise the loving gesture of a hug. This colourful flower is both simple & easy to make & is an ideal project for your scrap yarn. Read more. [...]

Crochet | Children's Day Crochet Workshop

Bangalo Santos   Biquinidecroche blog

On National Children’s Day, here in Brazil, I took part in a local art event here in Santos and gave my first ever crochet workshop here in Brazil at the new art house Bangalô which has just opened around the corner. Read more [...]

Crochet Pattern | Mandala Dress

Mandala Crochet Dress Pattern by Roseanna Murray

 This week was the relase of my new Mandala Crochet Dress Pattern!

Inspired by the vintage crochet doilies which I am sure we all remember in some way or another. From parents or grandparents homes Read More [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | How to add Fabric to Crochet

Free Crochet Pattern   How to add fabric to crochet with Roseanna Murray

Want to learn how to add fabric to your crochet item? Then I am here to help. I have created a easy step by step photo & Youtube tutorial for you to see how easy it is to add a beautiful layer of fabric to turn your crochet bodice into a little girls dress, or change your crop top into a full length dress (I am so please with my dress click here for my the free crochet dress pattern!) Use your imagination and your possiblitlies are endless. Read more [...]

Crochet Pattern | Crochet Designer

Crochet Patterns Boho Summer Top   Roseanna Murray biquinidecroche.comBoho Crochet Top Pattern

The last few months I have been working on a second adventure with crochet, creating my own crochet patterns. I wanted to create crochet patterns which were suitable for summer, as so many out there online are designed using thick yarn which not suitable for someone like me who lives in the subtropics. So I have been designing, testing and writing my own patterns inspired from crochet tops I have had on my Pinterest boards since I Pinterest began! Read more [...]

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