New Year Wishes

Roseanna Murray   Crochet Artist

Happy New YEAR!!!

Please forgive me for being a few days late! It has been non stop festivities over the Christmas season. This has been my first real Christmas in Brazil since packing up & moving here 3 years ago. We shared the celebrations with new friends & family & for the first time I did not miss England. I feel like I have finally found my roots here, that we opened our doors to bring in the New Year with a BBQ - Brazilian style which was wonderful & ended up turning into a 3 day event. One of the best things Brazilians have mastered, is the art of the Churrasco & I can honestly say Mr.M is very good at it. So much so that I think we shall be on salads for the rest of January, as we have eaten our weight in meat!

2017 has been a wonderful year with my bikini empire beginning to grow as well our family. I would like to say a huge thank you to each of you who have supported me on my crochet endeavor during 2017 through buying one of my bikinis, or reading this blog, watching a video on my new Youtube channel, purchasing one of my crochet patterns, following me on Facebook, Instagram or pinning any of my photos on Pinterest. Each & every one of the actions has helped my tiny little dream to grow & I am eternally greatful for you support!


Now we are 2018 & my little pãozinha is growing more independence I will be able to devote more of my time to Biquínidecrochê & I have loads of projects to share with you over the next 12 months.


Free Crochet Pattern | Crochet Feather Feature

 Free Crochet Feather Tutorial   Roseanna Murray

Make your own crochet feathers with my free pattern. This quick simple pattern can be used to make a baby mobile for a woodland nursery. Or make a gorgeous feather wall hanging to add some boho style to your room. To help you along the way I have made a step by step photo tutorial & Youtube video. Plus instructions on how to makes these beautiful crochet feathers in 3 sizes. Read more. [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | Barefoot Sandals

Free Crochet Pattern Barefoot Sandles Pattern

Well the summer is officaly here and it time to let our feet free! One of my joys in life is walking barefoot on the beach, the direct contact with nature is something special and makes lifes stresses not seem so important. My free crochet pattern today is for some beautiful boho barefoot sandles, you will be able to experience ' a little sand between the toes, always takes away the woes'. You can make up a set of these in one evening then decorate them in your own style or make a collection to match your bikinis! Read more

Milena Balza, Crochet Bikinis & October Updates

 Milena Balza wearing crochet bikini from Biquínidecrochê.com

During the month of October life has been so busy in our little hub here in Santos, that before I knew it we are in November!

This month I have had the beautiful Miss Rio Grande do Norte 2017 aka Miss Milena Balza wearing my Jessica Crochet Bikini as she suns herself on the beach. Read more. [...]

Santos On A Tilt

Santos Blog Biquinidecroche Photo Estevam Freitas

Photo by Estevam Freitas

Santos is a wonderful city to live in. Like Rio we are a city on the beach so we have the advantage of a bustling city and a 5.5k tropical beach. One of my luxuries of living in Santos is our daily walk along the beach. Each morning me, Pãozinha & Ebony walk along the gorgeous beach garden (the largest beach front garden in the world!) & soak up the sun before it gets a little too hot. Now if you’re not familiar with Santos, there is something you will quickly notice about the buildings when you look back from the beach. [...]

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