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 Handmade Christmas Rustic Ceramic Bowls by Lia Junqueira photo by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

Christmas is already around the corner & like many of us I am trying to prepare a beautiful Christmas day for our family & friends. I am a firm believer that handmade is always better, as so much thought, time & love goes into the gift, food or décor you are making. This year I have tried my best to include as much handmade items from both myself & local designers in Santos to make out Christmas that little bit more special. Read more.

If you don’t already support your local talented designers who sell unique pieces of handmade item from candles, soap, prints, scarfs, jewellery to pottery and make an effort this Christmas to go to a local craft market & enjoy the atmosphere, eat artisan food & buy a special handmade gift for a loved one which you would never find on the high street.Support small business quote blog Biquindecroche

Since I was teen I became a napkin convert due to my God Mother, who always had a beautiful collection of napkins for everyday meals not just special occasions. I quickly followed in her steps & have used cotton napkins everyday (plus over the years I know I have converted many people to do likewise especially my husband). As we are hosting our first every Christmas dinner this year I have decided a bit of luxury was needed. Using Mellysews tutorial I have made a collection of sage linen napkins for our Christmas table to go with our Rustic Christmas theme.   

Rustic Christmas Sage Linen Napkins by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

To help our environment & become more eco-friendly I have made sets of beeswax reusable food wraps as little gifts for our neighbours using this DIY tutorial from Mommypotumus. I am very pleased with how well they have turned out. We are already using some I made of our home to reduce our own use of plastic also the natural smell of the beeswax is devine.

Handmade Christmas DIY Beeswax covers photo by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

At a Christmas market last year I bought a set of handmade stonewear bowls from a friend & established local artist, Lia Junqueira. Each & every time I use these bowls I feel like I am holding something special & somehow it even makes the food taste better. So this year we decided to share our love of handmade & commissioned a set of 6 rustic ceramic bowls and expresso cups for Christmas brunch. I am totally in love with these beautiful bowls, each one slightly different in size & shape adding to the charm of buying unique handmade items.

Rustic Ceramic Bowls by Lia Junqueira photo by Roseanna Murray BiquinidecrocheAs well as these beauties I also bought some gorgeous Christmas ring holders as table gifts for the ladies who are coming this year.

Handmade Christmas Mini Ceramic trees photo by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

Finally no Christmas would be complete without a bit of crochet magic. Using Upper Crust Crochet crochet pattern I have made a couple of these naughty cat coasters for someone special this Christmas.

Free Crochet Cat Bum Coaster photo by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love & laughter & a few pieces of handmade goodness for the soul.

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