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Santos | Handmade Christmas

 Handmade Christmas Rustic Ceramic Bowls by Lia Junqueira photo by Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

Christmas is already around the corner & like many of us I am trying to prepare a beautiful Christmas day for our family & friends. I am a firm believer that handmade is always better, as so much thought, time & love goes into the gift, food or décor you are making. This year I have tried my best to include as much handmade items from both myself & local designers in Santos to make out Christmas that little bit more special. Read more. [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | Crochet Flower Power

Free Easy Crochet Flower Pattern by crochet designer Roseanna Murray reduced

To celebrate 'Dia Consciência Negra' aka Black Awarness Day on the 20th November, I have created a new free crochet pattern. This multicoloured POWER crochet flower represents the unity of any race through the mix of three different colours & the belief of equality created with the simple formations of knots from the crochet hook which symbolise the loving gesture of a hug. This colourful flower is both simple & easy to make & is an ideal project for your scrap yarn. Read more. [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | Crochet Flower Headband

Free Crochet Flower Headband Pattern crochet designer Roseanna Murray Biquinidecroche

As promised in my previous post here is my new free crochet pattern. This crochet flower headband is quick and easy to make and can be made using any scrap yarn you have in your stash (I know we all have them!). My pattern includes two types of flowers for you, a crochet ruffle flower and some cute little blossom flowers. Read more. [...]

Crochet | Children's Day Crochet Workshop

Bangalo Santos   Biquinidecroche blog

On National Children’s Day, here in Brazil, I took part in a local art event here in Santos and gave my first ever crochet workshop here in Brazil at the new art house Bangalô which has just opened around the corner. Read more [...]

Crochet Pattern | Mandala Dress

Mandala Crochet Dress Pattern by Roseanna Murray

 This week was the relase of my new Mandala Crochet Dress Pattern!

Inspired by the vintage crochet doilies which I am sure we all remember in some way or another. From parents or grandparents homes Read More [...]

Crochet Pattern | Crochet Designer

Crochet Patterns Boho Summer Top   Roseanna Murray biquinidecroche.comBoho Crochet Top Pattern

The last few months I have been working on a second adventure with crochet, creating my own crochet patterns. I wanted to create crochet patterns which were suitable for summer, as so many out there online are designed using thick yarn which not suitable for someone like me who lives in the subtropics. So I have been designing, testing and writing my own patterns inspired from crochet tops I have had on my Pinterest boards since I Pinterest began! Read more [...]

Crochet Bikinis | Jessica Porto

Mariana Crochet Bikini worn by Jessica Porto

Jessica Porto the International Brazilian model is not only stunningly gorgeous but is also a real sweetheart. During 2017 I contacted Jessica soon after the Miss Brazil competition, during which time she was & currently still is Miss Minas Gerais. Read more [...]

Crochet | Men

onemancrochet Men & Crochet   Biquinidecroche blog

To start off 2018 I think it is most appropriate to start with Crochet. Crochet had been a craft which has been around for decades with a boom in the 70’s. Today crochet has returned with the strong movement of crafts in Europe including knitting, sewing, jewellery making and crochet.

crafty magazine issue 3 covertoft quarterly magazine autumn 2017 knit crochet patterns kerry lord luxury british yarn1318cf9bfe325b5159fdf0b6357b665d sewing magazines crochet magazine

Read more [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | Crochet Feather Feature

 Free Crochet Feather Tutorial   Roseanna Murray

Make your own crochet feathers with my free pattern. This quick simple pattern can be used to make a baby mobile for a woodland nursery. Or make a gorgeous feather wall hanging to add some boho style to your room. To help you along the way I have made a step by step photo tutorial & Youtube video. Plus instructions on how to makes these beautiful crochet feathers in 3 sizes. Read more. [...]

Free Crochet Pattern | Barefoot Sandals

Free Crochet Pattern Barefoot Sandles Pattern

Well the summer is officaly here and it time to let our feet free! One of my joys in life is walking barefoot on the beach, the direct contact with nature is something special and makes lifes stresses not seem so important. My free crochet pattern today is for some beautiful boho barefoot sandles, you will be able to experience ' a little sand between the toes, always takes away the woes'. You can make up a set of these in one evening then decorate them in your own style or make a collection to match your bikinis! Read more

Free Crochet Bikini Pattern

Free Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de Croche Blog

 To celebrate the arrival of Spring down here in Brazil I have a gift for you!


 A step by step crochet bikini tutorial with photos to help you along the way.

If you are crochet hook savvy or you know someone with the crochet know how, make your own crochet bikini with this easy crochet pattern.

Step by step instructions & additional photos to help you along the way, this crochet swimsuit pattern is suitable for intermediate crocheters and beginners looking for a new challenge beyond the granny square.  

Strawberry Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de croche

 This fruity crochet bikini pattern can be made in what ever fruit suits your fancy: Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry or even Raspberry.

Pineapple Crochet Swimsuit Pattern biquinidecroche

 Or just make the top & wear as a crochet bralette with some cute shorts to a music festival.

Pineapple Crochet Bikini Pattern Biquini de croche

Choose your fruity colours & get hookin! Continue for tutorial here [...]

Plant Lust & Crochet Bralettes

Plant Lustyellow Blog Biquinidecroche.jpg

This week the weather has started to change here in Santos with the sense of spring around the corner. Each week is getting warmer with glorious sun filled days, filling the beaches here with locals & second home owners, who are here while their children are on winter holidays from school. The warming of the season also brings to life my new found passion, plants! [...]

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